Cooperative Banks

Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs)

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Regional Rural Banks

          The main purpose of RRB's is to mobilize financial resources from rural / semi-urban areas and grant loans and advances mostly to small and marginal farmers, agricultural laborers and rural artisans. The area of operation of RRBs is limited to the area as notified by Government of India covering one or more districts in the State. RRB's also perform a variety of different functions. RRB's perform various functions in following heads • Providing banking facilities to rural and semi-urban areas. Carrying out government operations like disbursement of wages of MGNREGA workers, distribution of pensions etc. 

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West Bengal

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Foreign Banks

            Foreign banks have brought latest technology and latest banking practices in India. They have helped made Indian Banking system more competitive and efficient. Government has come up with a road map for expansion of foreign banks in India.

                  Foreign banks with branches in India

Australian banks

Bahraini bank

Bangladeshi banks

1.   AB Bank
2.   Sonali Bank

Belgian bank

Canadian bank

Chinese bank

French banks

1.   BNP Paribas

German banks

Hong Kong bank

1.   HSBC

Indonesian bank

Japanese banks

Mauritian bank

Dutch bank

1.   Rabobank

Qatari bank

1.   Doha bank

Russian banks

1.   Sberbank
2.   VTB

Omani bank

Scottish bank

Singaporean banks

1.   DBS Bank

South African bank

South Korean banks

1.   Shinhan Bank
2.   Woori Bank

Sri Lankan bank

Swiss banks

2.   UBS AG

Taiwanese bank

Thai bank

UAE banks

2.   Mashreq Bank

UK banks

1.   HSBC

US banks

3.   Citibank
4    J.P. Morgan ChaseBank 

  • Foreign banks with representative offices in India

Austrian bank

Belgian bank

1.   KBC Bank

Canadian banks

French Banks

2.   Natixis

German banks

1.   Commerzbank
2.   DZ Bank
3.   KfW

Italian banks

5.   UBI Banca

Malaysian bank

1.   CIMB

Nepalese bank

1.   Everest Bank

Norwegian bank

1.   DNB ASA

Portuguese bank

Russian banks

1.   Gazprom bank

South Korean banks

2.   KookminBank

Spanish Banks

3.   Caixabank

Sri Lankan bank

Swedish banks

Taiwanese banks

Turkish bank

1.   Bank Asya

UAE banks

1.   EmiratesNBD

UK bank

1.   DuncanLawrie

US banks

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